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*MasheD* History
Team *MasheD* History

*MasheD* was formed March 12th 2005 by a few friends that had come from the EUMC a Clan that some of us had been with for along time - myself (zeb) and Jade having been a member for over 3 years and on the EUMC HC who ran the clan.

Due to a few little niggles and after the seed had been planted about doing our own thing some time previously. I decided to try and set up a different Clan. I asked a few good friends from the EUMC what they thought I should do and not only did they offer some good advice they decided to come along and help run things those people were Jade, Hashy and Silverhaze who are still helping to run things here at *MasheD* today - and so *MasheD* was born.

We soon had more friends wanting to come and join us - Houndog, Razmul, Freakzilla , Archie…. to name but a few and many, many more.

We were playing CSS at the time and soon branched into CoD2, BF2, BF2142 and more. We were very successful in CSS in the EUMC taking the Clan to the top of the Ladder which we were in at the time, we continued that success in *MasheD* for a short period of time until a few members went AFK or did not have the time to commit to matches and trainings as much.

We brought in alot of new members whilst playing CoD2, BF2 and BF2142...one that stands out is FXWebby (now just Webby) who is now helping run things here in *MasheD*. We have also added to the *MasheD* HQ making it a kind of *MasheD* V.I.P. status: Archie, Mani, Cruciate and Freakzilla.

Members have come and gone and some then come back again but most of us are still here.

*MasheD* is not a hardcore training and matching style of a clan - more a good bunch of friends enjoying a love of gaming together and when we do play together as a team we usually KICK ASS!

So *MasheD* is now over 5 years old, we've gone through a few websites and forums but we’re still here and still have the same love for it now as we did back at the start.

*MasheD* Video of the Week
*MasheD* playing BF4

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bullet zeb
21 Nov : 18:15
*MasheD* No longer use this website, but you can find us on Facebook!
bullet TopDog
31 Dec : 11:59
did we not like this one?
bullet TopDog
23 Dec : 14:03
see if i can see it updating
bullet TopDog
23 Dec : 14:03
zeb can you add to this please
bullet TopDog
23 Dec : 14:02
bullet TopDog
23 Dec : 14:02
another test
bullet TopDog
23 Dec : 14:01
bullet Puke
09 May : 12:57
what happened to chatango
bullet TopDog
09 May : 12:57
yup new one going up in a sec
bullet Manimal
09 May : 12:56
can I just say this chatbox is shite

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